CFL’s Whole Life Challenge

Hey All!

Please read this ENTIRE post.

We’re doing a really cool game as a gym this spring called the Whole Life Challenge. It’s a health and fitness, workout, & nutrition, daily check-in, online accountability game. You’ll track your daily actions and see what kind of progress you can make in your body and performance over 8 weeks.

The challenge will be played from February 16 to April 13 and costs $45 to enter. For the entry fee you’ll get access to the website where you’ll log your Whole Life Challenge score each day (more on that later), get coaching, and interact with the community, not just the community here and the thousands of other people playing around the world, but any friends and family that you want to invite to play along!

And it’s not just about workouts and diet. It’s a fun, social, community game that will have you interacting with the people that matter most to you around building a consistently healthy lifestyle for everyone that goes beyond the 8 weeks of the game.

There will be prizes for:

1st, 2nd and 3rd Absolute (you must have done prelims and finals at OUR GYM to be eligible for this)

1st Place Most Improved Workout/Baseline Score

1st Place Most Improved Measurements

1st Place Spirit of the Challenge

Prelims (measurements, pics and baseline workout) will be:
Friday February 15th – all regular open class times (9AM, 12 Noon, 5PM)
Saturday February 16th – all regular open class times (10AM, 11AM)

Finals will be:
Saturday April 13th at 10AM

To be eligible for the prizes/to win you must attend both events and have submitted your scores for both events online.

To sign up and learn more, follow this link:

Make sure you select CrossFit Littleton as your gym.

This link is only for our gym members and/or anyone local that can show up for the prelims and finals and wants to be eligible to win within the context of our immediate CFL community.

FYI, when I used the link my computer noted a possible security issue. Please proceed past this, the link is correct.

Make sure to use that link so you end up in our WLC Affiliate Group on the Challenge site. Once you’re registered you can invite any of your friends and family you want to play with from your profile page.

You’ll also have the ability to create “micro” teams of your friends and family once you register.

One of the coolest things about this is that you have the ability to involve everyone else in your life that you care about, that might benefit from trying something like this or that just supports you in your efforts. INVITE THEM TO PLAY! Not only is it good for them, it helps you to be successful. Once you are registered you can invite them via email from your admin page.

You can find the rules online here. READ THEM CAREFULLY! For instance:

All scores must be entered by 9pm each day for the previous day; there is no same day scoring. Scoring will be closed between 9pm and midnight and will re-open again at midnight. The deadlines are local to wherever a player is; they are not dependent on their home location.

There will be no ability to change a player’s daily score once it has been entered for the day. When your players enter their scores, they will be given the chance to verify and or cancel and re-enter before submitting their score. Once this score has been entered, you will not have the ability to change that score and WLC HQ will not alter any scores incorrectly entered or enter scores that were missed. There will be no ability for affiliate managers to add missed scores for participants in their group.

We’re really excited and hope you are too! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Ian, Lucke, Kyle or Melissa!