Client Success: Steve Gutierrez

“I joined Balance Athletics in January 2013.  After my introduction, I enjoyed participation in the regular classes and can honestly say that I was in better shape after six months, than I had been in the previous 20 years.  I was faster, leaner and more heathy.  I view those first 6-9 months as a time used to improve my quality of life, which supported my very active lifestyle.  In September 2013, I suffered a serious back injury.  As with many back injuries, the root cause is very complicated.  In summary, my active lifestyle and refusal to listen to my body caught up with me.  My injury turned out to be very complicated and severe.  I contemplated surgery, but with good advice and a slow rehab pace I was able to avoid surgery and resume semi-normal activity.

Still, my activity level was nowhere near what it was pre-injury.  I had to give up running and the prospect of playing Golf was very real.  In the summer of 2014, I contacted Ian about Program Design.  I knew my competitive nature and the pace of group classes would prove too difficult for my injury, but Program Design would allow my measured return to lifting.  To give some perspective, when I was in top condition, I could do a plank for 4 minutes with no difficulty – in the summer of 2014 I couldn’t maintain a plank for 10 seconds.

Ian has been incredible, a true partner.  We have slowly integrated activities that my doctor said I would never be able to do again.  The program is very specific and thought out.  It addresses a strengthening regime specific to my needs.  I’m able to squat again and do flexion and my movement has improved dramatically.  I’m finally able to play Golf without limitation.  I accept that my back will never heal, but with Program Design, I’m able to enjoy a physical active lifestyle.  I really am thankful to Ian and appreciate my partnership with him – he’s reintroduced an active lifestyle that I can’t take for granted.”

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