Book “Review”: Essentialism

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Lots of us need to read this. I don’t think it’s a GREAT book. But I think it could be the right book at the right time for many of us.

Do any of the qualities of the “non-essentialist” sound familiar?

Two of the biggest take away’s that I can quickly recall:

1. It’s a TOTAL misnomer/lie that we can “do it all and have it all”. Duh! Pop culture and the rest of the world is bullshitting you. Every day.

If you’ve lived past a certain age this is simply a reminder of a fundamental truth in life. YOU MUST PRIORITIZE AND CHOOSE! This book celebrates? that and empowers you to do so once again.

2. Saying “no” is something we all need to re-learn. Many of us desire to please/be all things to all people and often run ourselves into the ground doing so. The author’s proposition turns all that upside down suggesting that you say no to MOST things so that you can focus on the stuff that really matters to you.

My interpretation is that the intent is to help you live fully, restore your sanity and bring you back to being E-ffectual. And I can definitely get behind that.

Check it out!