BA Client Profile: Stephani Basner

Hometown: L-town, bitches (Littleton)

Age: 21 + 10

Occupation: Manage an implementation team for Elavon (credit card processor for US Bank)

When did you start at the gym?: I think July 2013?

Favorite workout or kind of training: EMOM because you get to rest (usually) every minute!

Least favorite workout or kind of training: Running, jogging, running, shuffling and running

Please tell us about your sports and/or pursuit of fitness/wellness background: Played lots of sports when I was younger (soccer, dance, gymnastics, diving, track) and was in great shape. That pretty much all stopped after college and I became pretty sedentary and blobby. BA has helped me with a routine structure to get moving again!

How did you first get exposed to Balanced Fitness and mixed modal training? My friends (all 2 of them)! We joined together so we wouldn’t be fatties.

What sorts of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since you started training at Balance Athletics? Well, I’ve gained about 10 lbs since joining (I’m pretending it’s all that muscle. I mean, who doesn’t want man lats and giant quads?!). I’d say my fitness level is much higher than it used to be. But I still suck at running.

What sorts of changes have you experienced that may have been unexpected? Life changes? I’d say I’m not as socially awkward. Okay, that’s a lie. But I used to not want to go to any classes unless my friends would be there. Now I feel comfortable going to any class. The BA community is awesome! I also didn’t think my lats could get any bigger but I was wrong.

Please share with us any favorite Balance Athletics moments: There are way too many! Getting PRs for the first time. Kyle giving Mindy and I a lesson on girth not being the distinguishing factor (that’s what she said) between boy and girl bars because we are bad at math and squatted way more than we were supposed to. Ted saying to Melissa, “The class was full so I couldn’t sign up, is it cool that I still came?” Literally almost dying with Lauren on the AD. Getting caught doing “stripper deads.” Pretty much anything that happens in the “special” 7pm class.

Advice for people just getting started? Don’t compare yourself to others. If you are cutting corners to try to stay with the pack you’re only cheating yourself. Also, count down your reps. Then there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

What are your hobbies, interests, talents outside of the gym? I mean, those can’t really be discussed here. KIDDING! Dancing in front of my mirror, food and craft beer. That’s it really.