Proud Sponsors of the 2015 Pedal Racing Team

Balance Athletics is proud to be sponsoring the Pedal Racing Team for the 2015 season. Here is the race schedule if you’d like to check out an event.

If you are a cyclist considering adding some strength training to your program, Balance Athletics is your gym:

  • Get a FREE comprehensive structural and strength analysis during your first consult
  • Develop REAL core strength = greater postural endurance/less fatigue on the bike over the course of the race
  • Increase your power output on the bike through single and double leg strength work WITHOUT gaining mass
  • Learn how to incorporate mixed modal fitness into your training regimen for BALANCE and new adaptation
  • Metabolic work can be customized from Aerobic basing and pacing to power work and sprints
  • Group Classes, Personal Coaching, Custom Program Design and Facility Use – choose the service that best meets your needs

Can’t wait to see the team crush it!

And if you haven’t been over to the Pedal make sure and check it out. They have EVERYTHING from road, to fat bikes, to bikepacking gear to mountain bikes etc. The staff is awesome and very knowledgeable. I stop in often and the service has always been great.