Nutrition Consulting Client Losses 3% Body Fat in 30 Days

A big congratulations to ECS client Joan Rounds on making excellent progress in her efforts to improve her food and lifestyle. Joan dropped 3% body fat in the last 30 days with only 1 or 2 VERY SIMPLE changes to her regimen.

This is the goal whenever we do this kind of consulting. Just 1 or 2 small initial changes so that we create sustainable, REAL CHANGE over time.

For many going on a “diet” or super strict program for x number of days only sets them up to continue the roller coaster of loss and gain and loss, creates a deprivation mindset and simply doesn’t provide a long term framework that works for the rest of their life. And what good is that!?

So we don’t do it that way. We do small changes over time. We don’t turn the client’s world and habits upside down. Once those changes have been truly integrated, the clients can see for themselves the results and the long term feasibility of those tweaks. Then we can add another step. And so it goes.

If your interested in a personalized approach to your nutrition contact us today and we can begin your journey towards a leaner, toner more energetic and generally awesome you!