Corporate Wellness Services for Colorado

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Working with Schomp BMW Employees on site at their facility

Balance Athletics Corporate Wellness Services will increase the health and vitality of your employees, increase overall productivity and save valuable capital by reducing sick time and medical expenses. Service offerings include:

  • Group fitness classes at your location (with your existing equipment or we can provide)
  • 1-2 hour seminars on Creating Health
  • Regular body fat testing for your staff to track improvements in metrics correlating with health, wellness and by extension productivity
  • Consulting and education for your existing HR and health and wellness staff – increase their competency and quality of service
  • Top to bottom consulting for implementing a comprehensive Health and Wellness program within your company – how to create the culture
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“Ian, and his staff have done a fabulous job with our Corporate Training Program. Ian is great to work with. As a trainer, Ian has tailored our programming to our individual needs and has brought us along in a safe manner. As an employer, this was and is very important to me. Inherently there are some risks with company sponsored work out programs, but Ian has gone out of his way to make it clear that safety and technique are more important than killing yourself every single work out. He has also been very understanding with my time and my employees time.”Aaron Wallace, CEO Schomp Automotive