Couples Personal Training: Joel and Jen Egelman

“Coming to Balance Athletics is the first time that I’ve worked with a trainer and worked out with any kind of weights. I love that Kyle makes the workouts just right for what he knows I can do because if left on my own, I wouldn’t do any of the new exercises I’ve tried. With him, I always manage to do more than I thought I could do. In the short time of training with Kyle, I’ve noticed pretty rapid growth in terms of both my strength and stamina, especially when using weights. I can tell that I am getting more fit and stronger every week.

The best change so far is that this is the first time in years that I’ve started to look at food as fuel. The last time I really made any effort to eat healthy all the time was when I trained for my first marathon 3 years ago. Now I’m trying it again and have re-framed my thinking about what I eat by considering first how it will make me feel. A lot of my comfort eating has been eliminated, which is probably a bigger accomplishment than anything else right now.”Jen Egelman

“These workouts with Kyle are probably the hardest I’ve done, but I am feeling so much stronger than I did working with other trainers elsewhere. I have noticed steady changes in the amount I can lift and bench press. And I am improving in the cardio parts of our workouts too.”Joel Egelman