7 Tips for an Awesome Day

1. Start your day right: DON’T start it by reaching over and checking your phone. Arguably your phone, computers etc. shouldn’t even be in the bedroom. If they are keep them face down and use them for an alarm only.

Make your bed! This can give you a sense of taking control of your day right from the start.

Begin with 10 minutes of some kind of mindful, meditative practice. This could be any form of quiet, focused or contemplative work. Could be in your home, could be out for a walk, hike etc.

2. Try a protein centered breakfast. 3 scrambled cage free, omega 3 eggs with a good aged cheese and some greens (try arugula!). This will give you MUCH better, sustained energy over the course of the day. Your stay “fuller” for longer too.

3. Partition your time so you can be effective not reactive. When you set aside 1-3 times day to check and respond to email and texts you take control back. When you constantly check and respond to every piece of input as it comes you are about as ineffective and non-productive as you can possibly be.

4. Pick the ONE thing that is most important to accomplish that day and do it FIRST. Nothing else gets touched until your priority item is done.

5. Set aside time for being physical. Respect that time, guard that time and show up for that time. Treat it as a work appt. not a soft appt. that can be compromised. All kinds of good stuff comes from exercise, mental and physical. Sooner or later you will figure out it’s a requirement not an option…

6. Pay attention to your state of mind throughout the day and your reaction to things. We often make a WAY bigger deal out of the myriad things than we need to. This creates anxiety, procrastination and inaction. Take each item as it comes, deal with it and be done with it. There are so many things we can’t control but how you perceive and react to things is completely under your control. We forget that.

7. Have a cut-off time. Set an alarm and when that alarm goes off  you are done! Done with the day to day demands, work, chores etc. This means giving yourself permission to be done. Don’t beat yourself up over all the stuff you “failed” to accomplish. They will be there tomorrow and you can effectively address those items then. The remainder of the day or evening is for yourself, for your family, for the stuff that is equally if not more important.