Rx: What’s the point?

The point is challenge.

At least that’s what it has come to mean for me from a coaching perspective in a group that varies widely in ability and potential.

For those that don’t know Rx is a “prescribed” set of movements and weights to be executed in a group training setting. This is common in CrossFit gyms around the world.

After years in the “biz” we are well aware of all the pitfalls and trappings of such a concept. The weights we choose in our facility are often based on the abilities of the more advanced and capable clients. They are both informed by years of experience and arguably arbitrary given many individuals all with unique needs and limitations. Rx movements and loads may not ever be realistic for some and for others they are too easy!

For some time we went away from posting anything of the sort.

I feel that now we can see the entirety of the concept. The pros and the cons. For some it’s totally inappropriate and unrealistic to aspire to the loads and movements assigned as Rx’d. But that’s where real coaching comes in: helping EVERYONE get the same stimulus with loads, movements and volume most beneficial and appropriate for them. This is something that is missing at many gyms and the crux of the argument for many of the haters.

For others seeing their peers in the gym perform workouts as Rx’d is inspiring and motivating. As it should be! It is a kick in the ass, a call to stop settling every day, a challenge thrown down. If it’s not possible today, what’s it going to take to make it possible in the future? That’s a whole ‘nother article by the way. Hint: it’s not just about trying harder…

So I ask all of you, are you truly seeking growth and progress when you walk into the gym each day? TRULY? Are you motivated enough to affect change in the areas outside of your life that will make you stronger and more able bodied or do you just “show up for a workout” 2x week? Have you gotten a taste of the transformative nature of putting it all together and getting yourself to a place you’ve never been before?

Sometimes we have to ask some hard questions of ourselves, sometimes we need to seek challenge for the growth it brings.