Got Skinny Jeans? Want ’em?

Well then here’s what you have to do…

Know thyself!

If you want to fit into your old clothes, or stop having to buy new clothes as you grow each year when you technically are no longer supposed to be growing, or be able to see your abs again or for the first time maybe, the first thing I think that needs to happen (or at least you will eventually make your way back to this) is that you have to be honest with yourself. LOTS of people say they want something or are motivated by something but their is no alignment with the words coming out of their mouth and their actions. You know exactly what and who I’m talking about. And at some point in time it has been all of us.

Do you REALLY want what you say you want bad enough to do what it takes? This is something you have to examine. And I don’t think you should be fearful of the answer being “no”. It may not be the right time and perhaps if you are honest about it you can stop torturing yourself with contradiction.

After all we’re all just going from moment to moment trying to make ourselves “happy” right? And constant mental struggle caused from a misunderstanding of what you REALLY want isn’t helping, that’s for sure. It can actually do a lot of damage.

My intention is not to be demotivational here, but this is something no one is talking about while it simultaneously is completely ubiquitous in modern society.

Now…if you decide you want to do what it takes to get shit done and accomplish your goals you then need to understand how you are put together, namely what motivates you, what do you respond to?

With lots of folks the positive may not be nearly as motivating as the negative. Reward vs. Penalty. Gain vs. Loss. This is something that no one is really talking about as everything you see in fitness is steeped in creating an image (don’t forget that’s what it is, nothing more). That image is supposed to be “positive” and then you are flooded with lots of bullshit supplements, pills, workout fads, motivational sayings and high fives that are designed to get you to that image. And if you BUY all these things you will then be rewarded with fitting into your skinny jeans, achieving that six pack and looking amazing.

And then mostly everyone keeps doing the same thing. Nothing. Or perhaps brief, sporadic, superficial changes only to fall back into the same routine.

What if you turn this game on it’s head?

Here’s an idea – give someone you trust $1000 to put up against your commitment to go to the gym and workout 2 days week for the next 30 days. Each week you accomplish your two days you’ll get $250 back. And if you miss, tough shit. You just lost $250. Would that be motivating for some of you? Do you think you would get 8 sessions in?

Here’s another idea – get in front of the mirror and take a bunch of pics of yourself from unflattering angles standing around in your underwear. Give them to another friend you trust (but that has enough constitution to abide by your wishes) with instructions that if you don’t follow your pre-set food and sleep recommendations for the next 60 days (that somehow you account for each day) they are to publish them on the Facebook. Do you think you would keep to your scheduled bedtime?

PS sleeping makes you skinnier and not sleeping makes you fat.

Again, my intention is not to be, for lack of a better word, “sadistic”. My intention is to expose a bunch of nonsense that’s going on with what we are being shown and told (which is actually proving to be really ineffective), to seriously examine what we are telling ourselves and then to choose an effective course of action that is aligned with our REAL LIFE goals that’s right for us.

There is NOTHING wrong with implementing something like the examples above to get your ass in gear. And there is nothing wrong with being honest with yourself and saying that you aren’t going to make any more changes to your food because you SIMPLY DON’T WANT TO! Amazing isn’t it? You’re free!

BUT, if you do want to affect change you have to start straight talking. Talking straight? What do you value enough to actually do what it takes? And then what is it going to take to make it happen?

Of course there are those of us that are motivated by things like strength, mobility, health and wellness, performance etc. And there are all kinds of “positive” things we can talk about putting into place designed to help you achieve your goals. And you should do those! As long as it actually works right?

However you do it, just be honest with yourself and then do what’s necessary.

Good luck!

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