Hope you enjoy this guest post by Jamie Scott taken from his blog over at Also check out an awesome interview with him on Robb Wolf’s Podcast, very worth a listen… ——– Evolution – /iːvəˈluːʃ(ə)n,ˈɛv-/ – the gradual development… Read more »

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Early Morning Training

Here is a guest post for all you core AM’ers ;) from our friends at OPEX: ——— Early Morning Workouts Routine is a part of life—particularly if your fitness and exercise regime is important to you. While a vast majority… Read more »

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Strength is the Answer

“The best bang for your buck is going to be high intensity strength training”, Dr. Peter Attia, MD from Stanford, holder of mechanical engineering and applied mathematics degrees, ultra endurance athlete, president and co-founder of NuSI, etc. etc. This was… Read more »

Robb Wolf’s Training at 43

A cool article on Robb Wolf’s training at 43 years young. See how the king of Paleo and Ancestral Health is training and fueling these days. If you’ll notice, just like the rest of us, it’s always evolving ;). You… Read more »

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Mindful Eating

Guest post from the OPEX blog Mindful Eating Nutrition is 80% of your results in the gym. You’ve probably heard that loose statistic, coined by body builder Vince Gironda, the ‘Iron Guru’ and former coach to even Arnold Schwarzenager himself… Read more »

Summiting Rainier

Yesterday I received this email from Program Design client Ian Dawson: “Hey Kyle! Made it to the summit yesterday morning. It was incredible, and as much of a mental challenge as a physical one (jumping over 1.5 ft wide crevasses… Read more »