Mindful Eating

Guest post from the OPEX blog Mindful Eating Nutrition is 80% of your results in the gym. You’ve probably heard that loose statistic, coined by body builder Vince Gironda, the ‘Iron Guru’ and former coach to even Arnold Schwarzenager himself… Read more »

Summiting Rainier

Yesterday I received this email from Program Design client Ian Dawson: “Hey Kyle! Made it to the summit yesterday morning. It was incredible, and as much of a mental challenge as a physical one (jumping over 1.5 ft wide crevasses… Read more »

Client Success

Big congratulations to Jim on hitting a 1.25BW Deadlift and graduating to T4 Bending! Remember in your training to: Actively be pursuing progress, notice complacency, whatever that means for you. ASK questions about training and how best to create that… Read more »