Rx: What’s the point?

The point is challenge. At least that’s what it has come to mean for me from a coaching perspective in a group that varies widely in ability and potential. For those that don’t know Rx is a “prescribed” set of… Read more »

7 Tips for an Awesome Day

1. Start your day right: DON’T start it by reaching over and checking your phone. Arguably your phone, computers etc. shouldn’t even be in the bedroom. If they are keep them face down and use them for an alarm only…. Read more »

Memorial Day Sale!

Hey All, For everyone attending Murph on Memorial Day at 10AM we have some special discounts available for the day (for members and all visitors as well): 1. Body Fat Testing. $50 for a test and re-test, $25 for one…. Read more »

FitExpress Class Starts June 1st!

FitExpress is the obvious choice for those that want a great workout involving all the benefits of CrossFit style/functional fitness training without some of the additional commitments required for our more advanced group classes. Get an amazing workout in an… Read more »

ECS Client Alyssa Martuch

ECS Client Alyssa Martuch hitting a 30lb PR on the deadlift at 175lbs. Alyssa just started Program Design this week. Some of her priorities we discussed during the consult were: Leaning/getting strong Prepping for a CrossFit competition Developing Double Unders!… Read more »