Corporate Wellness


“Ian, and his staff have done a fabulous job with our Corporate Training Program. Ian is great to work with. As a trainer, Ian has tailored our programming to our individual needs and has brought us along in a safe manner. As an employer, this was and is very important to me. Inherently there are some risks with company sponsored work out programs, but Ian has gone out of his way to make it clear that safety and technique are more important than killing yourself every single work out. He has also been very understanding with my time and my employees time.”Aaron Wallace, CEO Schomp Automotive

At the core of every great business is an equally great workforce. Integrating a Corporate Wellness program boosts employee morale, improves health and fitness, decreases absenteeism and increases productivity in the workplace. It also allows for an even playing field amongst employees strengthening the bonds between employees.

Healthy employees are happy employees!

Wellness programs are highly efficient in lowering health insurance premiums that have spiked due to claims paid on preventable illness such as diabetes and obesity as well as lowering the cost of myriad peripheral losses. Getting employees to take an active part in their health while at work not only enhances their work/life balance but also makes exercise and being physical an essential aspect of their day to day lives.

Balance Athletics is proud to offer our Corporate Wellness services to local Denver Area businesses.

Whether it be a before work energy boost, a lunch-time work break, or a way to beat the stress at the end of the day, we can tailor a program to the needs of your employees.

Here are some of the services we offer to add value for our corporate clients:

  • Executive Health Coaching: 1 on 1 coaching to keep your most important people functioning optimally.
  • Mobile Fitness Training: we come to you and train your people at your facility.
  • Public Speaking/Education: 1-2 hour information rich presentations for your people on fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and health and wellness. Additional seminars topics are included in wellness packages including stress mitigation, boosting productivity and more.
  • Management of onsite food and beverage offerings. We help you make the move away from processed offerings to healthy, whole food choices by teaming with our high quality, hand picked vendors.
  • Mobile Body Fat Testing , Lean Body Mass, BMI, and more for your employees. Body Fat percentage has a strong correlation with health and wellness. We track this biomarker to give individuals positive feedback on their progress as well as give the company hard data points around affecting change.

Services are offered a la carte or as part of a customized collective and comprehensive wellness package.

Complimentary consultations are available to find the right service(s) tailored for your organization. Please contact Ian Starr directly to arrange and appointment.