Endurance Athletes

Balance Athletics Client Cindy Smith finishing her first Ironman

CindyIn Colorado we have a lot of folks who love to bike and run as well as other aerobic/outdoor disciplines. At the hobbyist level or for the competitor, this page is intended to be a resource for that community and to answer the question(s) of what Balanced Fitness training might do for endurance athletes.If I’m a runner/biker/multi-modal endurance athlete, can strength and core work help my performance?

The answer is yes. Many of our endurance clients arrive never having done any true strength training. Once they begin this process it has proven to be truly transformative in terms of the net result within their chosen endeavor(s).
Depending on the goals and level of the client there are several options available at our facility to support and enhance your performance:
  • Balanced Fitness Group Class: Strength and core work EVERY CLASS. Additionally, much of the conditioning we do in the Open class is aerobic basing and pacing aligning nicely with the mileage and training our clients are logging on their own. We also do some power work which for most folks is an undeveloped energy system. This serves to round out the whole of your metabolic spectrum and make you a more complete athlete.
  • Personal Coaching: You will be assigned one of our professional S&C coaches to fully assess you and design a training program around your goals, timelines, weaknesses etc. For some athletes this may include only strength and structural work to accommodate and enhance a training program that is already in place. We are happy to work with any other coaches you may have.  All training sessions are one on one, completely tailored and client specific.
  • Program Design: Similar to Personal Coaching but self directed. You are assessed and develop a plan with your coach, they design the program and you use the facility at your convenience to complete the work. Much of the benefit with less cost. *A handful of private sessions are usually required on the front end to ensure basic communication, protocol, competency and safety.*
“On July 16th, I participated in the Breckenridge 32 mountain bike race…racers cover over 100 miles and 13,700 feet of climbing…I won my age group with a time of 4 hours and 4 minutes…I finished 9th out of 23 women total…I know that my Crossfit training has greatly helped in these mountain bike races because of my improved core strength. I no longer deal with back pain, arm weariness, or body fatigue. I’m thankful that I can participate in these events and I thank my Balance Athletics family for encouragement and support!”

Erlinda Stafford – Mountain Biker, Owner – Wheatridge Cyclery

While training for the 2013 Leadville 100 MTB race, I’d noticed my efforts had led to improvements of endurance, but I still lacked power to clean steep technical climbs. I went to Ian and his team to get some insight on the best way to obtain improvement in this area. After speaking with Ian I knew he was credible so I immediately enrolled in his program. I was very pleased with the results. I’ve significantly increased speed on my mountain bike, including those tough technical climbs. Although I joined this club with a specific purpose, it has been the people and consistent peak workout experience that keeps me coming back.” –

Cory Belcher – Mountain Biker, Owner – Belcher Deductions