Lifestyle and Nutrition Consulting


Reading a book and doing some research in an effort to move towards whole, nutrient dense foods is a great start down the path of health and wellness. At a certain point many clients need more detailed guidance in order to further upgrade what they have already achieved. Perhaps they are seeking improved athletic performance and want to understand the detailed prescription it will take to maximize their efforts. And some folks just do better overall with 1 on 1 consultation and guidance from the start as they begin the journey towards a healthier existence.

This service entails a 3 phase process where we examine the particulars of the clients lifestyle and individual nutritional requirements.

Specifics covered include:

  • Detailed analysis of your current intake: macros, cals, food quality etc.
  • A starting prescription based on your INDIVIDUAL situation and on your particular goals
  • Help creating awareness around food/food related issues
  • Strategies and guidance for implementation
  • Fueling for performance
  • Supplementation – for general health and/or performance. What’s important, what’s not. Why, when, dosages etc.
  • Topics around performance vs. longevity
  • Lifestyle and related issues that contribute to both health and wellness as well as performance

Please contact Ian Starr to set up your customized nutrition consulting appointment.